Golf Transformation
For Competitive Golfers


We help golfers achieve their goals!

Let's be real, you don't want a lesson, you want a golf transformation! 

Do you have a goal to learn the fundamentals, get out on the course for the first time, play in an event or win your personal major? Do you have a scoring goal of breaking 100, 90, 80 or even 70?

Are you tired of not getting off the first tee? Stubbing chip shots? Three putting? Leaving it in the bunker? What clubs to use? How are you really hitting each club in your bag? Now using the "Pluth Golf Game Plan," discovery your natural movement patterns and have a clear path to improvement. 

Are you a parent looking for a safe, lifetime sport for your child to learn? Wondering what equipment to start with or upgrade to? Looking for games to play with your kids that are purposeful and fun? Looking for on-course instruction? 

Imagine owning your best grip, posture and key alignments, what to practice, how to warm-up and the techniques you need, drills to develop internal feels, games to provide externals target awareness and fun purposeful practice and assessments to benchmark your improvement. 

We want to provide you with the solutions you need to achieve your goal!

And best yet, we guarantee results! 

Learn golf where it matters, on the course! We'll coach you to develop a scoring mindset and teach you the 9 rules of scoring (break any of the rules and your scoring will suffer). You'll also receive purposeful practice sessions to develop the 9 most common shots in golf, how to practice them and measure your improvement. We've developed a perpetual improvement cycle. 

Year round junior, high school and college prep coaching programs are currently enrolling. 

Call or text 952/401-4653 or click on the schedule lesson to schedule your 90-minute transformation session.

Nine things golf can teach you about life. 


1. Assess your options and decide on the appropriate course of action. 

2. One shot is not around. One situation in your life is not your life.

3. Build a great team of coaches and supporters.

4. Find the best competition you can and compete. To the best of your abilities.

5. Decision-making steps of Assess the situation. Design a course of action. Improve upon what you learned and repeat.
Keep improving. 

6. A nice walk in nature cleanses the soul.

7. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the game of golf… And life. 

8. You need to invest in yourself and your equipment if you're serious about improving.

9. Golf is enjoyed more by the people you play with or learn from. I think life is the same way…

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9 Reason’s Why You Should Choose Brad Pluth's
Golf Achievement’s Coaching System:

1. Tailored programs to find your natural movement patterns and most natural, powerful and consistent swing!

2. We help you play without pain! By discovering your natural movement patterns, you can play pain free golf.

3. You will learn there are 9 Essential Golf Skills, 9 Core Golf Shots, 9 Scoring Rules, 9 Tests to create purposeful practice....  It’s not all about your posture, grip and alignment!

4. You will see measurable improvement utilizing simple skills assessments – guaranteed! Track record of progressing
players from all ages and ability levels.

5. You will see how ongoing technology and resources support will enhance your training and understanding.

6. 9 Stroke in 9 Week Golf Transformation Project. We'll help you reach your goal or teach you until you do!

7.  Use drills to provide internal feels, games to provide external target awareness and tests to benchmark improvement nad provide purposeful practice sessions. 

8. We'll teach you the mindset of scoring focused golfer

9. We teach golf where it matters most, on the golf course!

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Golf Achievement’s 
Train and equip golfers to achieve their golfing goals and dreams

Please Do Not Make These 
9 Course Management


Book an appointment with Brad Pluth's Golf Achievement using SetMore

Four Steps To Achieve Your Golfing Goals 


Club Fitting For Every Club In Your Bag

We believe your equipment should complement your golf stroke, not complicate it. While it's usually not the first place we start, clubfitting can dramatically influence the way you make your natural swing. We use a data driven process with our Flightscope launch monitor which valuable feedback to dial in your equipment.

We proud certified fitters for Taylor Made, PING, and SeeMore Putters.

We offer Free 15-minute junior clubfitting for US Kids Golf Equipment for juniors ages 4-15.

Schedule a clubfitting session by calling 952/401-4653 or they are included in any package of three or more lessons. 



Junior Programs

Do you have a junior that is aspiring to play high school or college golf? I've helped hundreds golfers make their team, play vartisty, win their conference, qualify for state, earn a college scholarship?

60+ golfers have earn college scholarships.

Contact us for a free 30-minute assessment or $149 90-Minute Discovery Session.

Junior (60-minutes/wk.), Varsity (90-minutes) and Elite (120-minutes) programs available. 

 Click here for an overview video

Click here for more info.

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